Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet Potato and Quorn Palzones

I have just had the most wonderful weekend in my kitchen. I've been a bit slack with my blog so I made sure I got some photos and wrote down the recipes as I went.
Inspired by my 14yrs old son's decision to have a dairy free weekend I made him a raw dairy processed sugar free vanilla ice cream to use in fruit smoothies as I knew he wouldn't eat it my itself, he is so super fussy!! But I do have to give him credit he does a lot better than most when it comes to eating healthy food. He will down a big glass of green smoothie filled with such as chlorella, spirulina, fresh greens from the garden, barley grass, wheat grass etc. He may not like the taste but he downs the lot.
So getting back to the Palzones, as I googled for inspiration I found that what I really needed to do was a combination of a pastie and a calzone. I wanted a cheese free filling and a healthy wholewheat low fat covering. They came out great. When my boys say they actually like something then I feel I'm on a winner. Even my older son's friend came back for seconds, he had seconds of the raw vanilla ice cream too. He has great taste! :)
These are dairy free and vegan. I used a new product I discovered called Quorn. I tried it last week in a bolagnaise sauce without telling them and they commented how nice the meal was.. I then told them what they has just eaten!! Its a new product made from mycoprotein which comes from a fungi, it is a good source of protein and fiber.

Sweet Potato and Quorn Palzones

1 sachet dry yeast
1 t coconut suger (or similar)
1 tbs olive oil
1 cup warm water
1 ½ cup wholemeal flour
2 cups plain bread flour (ooo)

Place yeast, sugar and olive oil into a large bowl and add water, stir and rest for 10-15mins.
Add the flour and mix with dough hooks until it has all come together in a ball. Roll onto a floured surface and knead for about 5-10mins. Place in a greased bowl and cover with cling, let it rise. Meanwhile prepare the filling.
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2 tbs rice bran oil
Small sweet potato
1 tsp garlic granules or 1 crushed garlic clove
3 tbs dried onion flakes or ½ onion diced
2/3 cup frozen peas, corn and carrot
1 cup quorn
2-3 tbs Worcestershire sauce
½ cup tomato pasta sauce or passata
Salt and pepper to taste (optional) – I forgot this step,  I think it would have been good to add a bit!
1 egg

Julienne the sweet potato into fine strips, I used my mandolin (V-slicer) with the small thin blade. Pour oil into hot pot and add potato, fry for a couple of minutes then add garlic and onion, fry for another minute then add vegetables, quorn and mixed herbs. Stir until the pot is sizzling again then add remaining ingredients, turn temperature to low and simmer until the sweet potato is soft. You want a fairly dry firm filling so that it does not make the dough all soggy when baked. Once cooked turn off and let it cool down.
Get the dough and divide it into 8 balls, roll them out into circles of about 15cm and about 2-3mm thick. Place 1 ½ to 2 tablespoons of filling onto each circle then pull edges together and starting from one edge roll and tuck them in so that they are securely closed. Brush with egg and bake at 200­­­OC for 25 mins or until they sound hollow when tapped.

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Enjoy!! J

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