Thursday, July 14, 2011

Raw Christmas in July

With this cold weather and being July I just had to do something Christmassy. It was a little hard finding red flowers to go with it though. All of my usual flower bushes have gone dormant with the weather I assume. I did find this beautiful crimson bougainvillea. I don't know what the white flower is but I had to cut bush to get it.
As per my usual food preparation, I didn't measure anything. I have written down what is in the puddings, but not the quantities. These puddings are not an exact science and you can add whatever dried fruits you have, I had some new seasons currents arrive after I had finished which would have been great to add.
Usually I would soak the fruit in the blended fresh fruit with the zest and spices overnight or for a few days but I did this all in one day. I made it early in the morning and served at just before lunch time and the KitzAngels loved it. They also commented on the vanilla custard. I was going to add some orange zest to it but I ended up being in hurry so didn't do it. I think it would have been a nice twist.
That's why I love them so much they are working very hard at the moment as we are getting our new warehouse ready to keep up with the increasing demand for our products.. its all good! Brings joy to my heart when I see that people are wanting clean, healthy, nutritious food. It's a heck of a lot of hard, labour intensive work but when you get positive feedback from lovely customers that appreciate what you are doing for them it makes it all worth while.

Raw Christmas in July Fruit Puddings with Vanilla Custard


Kitz active mix or sprouted dehydrated walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and Pepita's - freshly ground in a blender
Kitz 4 seed crackers - freshly ground in a blender
Organic coconut flour
sultanas (raisins)
Dried organic apricots
Dried organic figs
Organic goji berries
Dried coconut
Mixed spice
Fresh vanilla - I ground fresh vanilla beans
Lemon zest
Orange zest
Agave syrup
Orange juice (I use freshly blended whole oranges)
Optional extras
Fresh pineapple - blended with oranges
Apple - grated


Ground up the nuts and seeds until fine and place into a bowl.
Cut up the dates, figs and apricots and add to the bowl
Add remaining ingredients and mix it all up, it should be a little bit sloppy as the fruits and nut/seed meal will absorb some of the juice.
Let it sit for as long as you can, then if it needs a little more firmness you can add some more coconut flour.
Line a muffin tin with cling wrap and fill them with the mix then refrigerate for about an hour. This makes it easy to get them out.

Vanilla Custard


Equal amounts of cashews and macadamias (about 1/4 cup of each)
1/4 cup dates
Just cover with filtered water and let soak of at least 1 1/2 to 2hrs)
Add agave and vanilla and blend until smooth thick and creamy.
Note: make sure you don't have too much water or it will be too runny and watery, you can always add when blending if you need but you can't take it out!!! This way you can add agave to get the sweetness and consistency you need.

To serve place pudding onto a plate and spoon custard over the top. If you blend for long enough the custard will be nice and warm. Sprinkle with some extra coconut and a splash of cacao nibs!!

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