Thursday, August 4, 2011

NBN Choc L’orange tart with vanilla crème

Inspiration .. that's what I needed early Tuesday morning as I needed and wanted to make something special for the Angels for morning tea. I was also driven by the knowledge that I had my husbands parents coming for afternoon tea and we hadn't seen them for over a year. They've always been great with nice healthy raw treats. I had in mind a fruit salad type crumble until I looked into the pantry and saw a jar full of Kitz Naughty but Nice chunks! that was it, I had to turn it into a base for a creamy chocolate tarte.. I also had lots of ripe avocado's. Perfect, I had a plan. Here are the results. Oh and by the way they all loved it.
NBN Choc L’orange tart with vanilla crème


1 ½ cups Kitz Naughty But Nice chunks
½ cup coconut – either dry or fresh (I used dried but freshly grated would be wonderful)
½ cup sultanas (raisins) – you may not need sultanas if you use fresh coconut

Blend naughty but nice and coconut until fine then add the sultanas and blend until fine and it sticks together when pressed into a ball.
Press into the base of a baking paper lined cheesecake pan and place in the fridge or freezer until ready for filling

1 cup cashews
½ cup hazelnuts (filberts)
½ cup dates
2 avocado's
¾ to 1 cup agave – depending on taste
Zest of one orange
Juice of one orange
1 tbs ground vanilla bean or similar
1 large tbs coconut oil
2-2 ½ tbs raw cacao powder
½ t guar gum

Rinse cashews and hazelnuts until clean then soak in filtered water with the dates for a couple of hours at least. Only just cover, don’t have too much water as you want to use it to blend.
Blend nuts, dates, avocado's, agave, vanilla, zest and juice until smooth, this can take a while and you may need to add water so that you get it turning over as it blends. Once it is completely smooth and there are not grainy bits when you rub it between thumb and forefinger then you can add the cacao powder.
Blend until it has completely incorporated into the mix the slowly feed guar gum into blender as it is running until it thickens a little.
Pour on to base, smooth out and with refrigerate or freeze for at least 2-4hrs.

Vanilla Crème

½ cup cashews
1 tsp fresh ground vanilla
1 tbs agave

Soak cashew for 2-4hrs then rinse and add a little bit of filtered water with the agave and vanilla, blend until smooth and creamy. The less water you add the thicker it will be so its up to you how much you add. Always best to start with as little as possible because you can always add more.


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