Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kitz Crunchie Chocolate Fudge – healthy rocky road!!

You've gotta have rocky road at Christmas time. So me being me I have to do a healthy version. Food has to be fun to eat and not make you feel guilty after you've accidently on purpose eaten too much of it.
When my kids where little I would always make up a big batch of rocky road and we would wrap it in red and green cellophane with gold and silver ties and they would take it to school and give it to their friends and teachers.
So here is my version made with super healthy crunchie bits and antioxidant rich chocolate fudge. Give this to your SAD eating friends, it will get some good nutrition into them. ;)

Kitz Crunchie Chocolate Fudge – healthy rocky road!!

Makes enough to share!! Yep, about that and a bit more
Ingredients and preparation:

1 cup cashews
1 cup dates

Rinse cashew then soak together with dates in warm water for about an hour or overnight in cool filtered water. Only just cover them as you want to use the sweet liquid.
Place soaked mixture into a high speed blender with

1 tsp vanilla paste
½ tsp cinnamon

Blend until completely smooth and creamy.
In a dehydrator or over a hot water bath melt together

3 tbs cacao butter
3 tbs cacao paste
1 tbs coconut oil

Once the mix has melted add it to the cashew date mix and blend until it is all incorporated, smooth, delicious and creamy.

NOTE: if you don't  have cacao paste you can use 2-3 tbs of raw cacao powder. Add it last into the blender after you have incorporated all of the cacao butter and coconut oil. 

Pour into a bowl and add

½ cup of Kitz Energy Mix
½ cup chopped organic dried apricots

Stir through then pour into a baking paper lined square or rectangular dish, smooth the top and freeze until firm. It does not go rock hard even when frozen so I keep mine in the freezer. It’s almost like ice cream rocky road.
Once cooled and firm slice into thin slices and enjoy!

Merry Christmas. Enjoy sharing this nutritious treat. 

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