Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bircher Meusli & HIIT

It's been a week full of rainy days so I have not been able to go out walking which really does my head in. It's been great though as I have been doing High intensity interval training at home. I have been getting great workouts from, they are amazing. It's been so good I am going to keep doing them. My whole body is full of sore muscles, I love it!!
I have also found good quality organic produce that is sourced locally. The best part is!! They deliver it to my front door!! OMG!! that is the best. I detest shopping, and that means shopping for anything. All of our weekly groceries, fruit, veg and meat are delivered to my front door. So with the organic greek yogurt, milk and apples I got this week I made my son and my husbands favorite breaky. Bircher Muesli.

 Banana, peach, blueberries and an indulgent splash of cream! 
Mango, banana, pineapple and grated coconut 

Bircher Muesli

Make as much as you want, using the ingredients you like or have on hand. All of these are suggestions, make it your own! Each batch can be different depending on what you have, the season and availability. If you are Paleo or are keeping grains out of your life, omit the rolled oats.
Place into a large glass bowl that you can cover. I use a glass pyrex bowl that has a good lid.
Rolled oats – preferable not the quick oats
Hand full each of
Almonds – chopped in half
Walnuts – crushed
Brazil nuts – chopped
Macadamia halves
Sunflower seeds
Flax and chia seed – only about 1 tablespoon each
Dried coconut
Sultanas (raisins)
Dates – chopped
Dried figs – quartered
Dried apricots – make sure they are organic (not only better for you but the taste if amazing)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 spn fresh vanilla bean seeds or ground vanilla bean
Mix all dry ingredients and add
Big dollop of natural greek yoghurt
Grated apple – one or two depending on their size
A good squirt of raw honey
Milk, rice milk, almond  milk or coconut milk to cover, you will need to make sure the mix is quite runny as the ingredients will all soak it up.
Mix and cover. Place in the fridge overnight and enjoy for breaky, snacks or lunch.Add a couple of spoonful to a bowl then add fresh chopped banana, mango, strawberries, blueberries, stone fruit, extra honey and yoghurt. A sprinkle of good quality dried coconut or even better grated fresh coconut adds a nice touch.


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