Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super-fig-a-licious Fancies

A quiet Sunday all to myself.. oh and J-star!! I never get bored because if I have a spare moment I love to cook and create in the kitchen. After a quick look in my pantry I decided to make these for the Angels morning tea yesterday. It's a bit weird calling them the Angels now, we have a guy working with us now he's  not really an Angel.

So here is what I came up with on this beautiful sunshiney Sunday.

Super-fig-a-licious Fancies            

Makes 6, if you don’t eat too much of the mix while you’re making them!

5 large dried figs
½ tsp cinnamon, you really don’t need it but it’s so good for and tastes great.
2 tbs agave or honey – optional, I’m a sweet tooth
2 tbs coconut oil, to help bind and it’s great for your metabolism

In a good processor grind the super charged then pour into a good sized bowl
Then add the chopped figs and process until they turn into a paste.
Pour the ground super charged back into the food processor with the remaining ingredients and process until it is all mixed up and sticky
Sprinkle cake mould with water and place a large piece of cling film over it, the water helps it to slide into the mould easy.
Place spoonfulls on the mix into the moulds and press down with a spoon.
Lift then out gently with the cling film, place them on a plate and place into the fridge.

Coconut lemon icing
½ cup coconut oil
About half a tsp lemon zest
A splash of lemon juic
A squirt of agave and a sprinkle of stevia or just one of these

You will need the coconut oil to be a bit cool so that it is like butter, where I live it is hot at the moment so I had to put it in the fridge for a while. Once you have it at a buttery temp blend in in a small personal blender (this one is a good one!) and spread onto the fancies. A little zest looks nice on top if you want it to look nice.

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