Monday, March 5, 2012

Almond meal pancakes - Grain free!

Saturday morning breakfast in our house has been homemade pancakes for longer that I can remember. Lately my youngest son has been complaining that they make him feel sick and my husband has been grain free for about 3-4 weeks now which I think is great. He is testing it out to see if grains and gluten have any affect on his karma. He feels that there may be something that he eats that triggers feelings of despair, almost like depression and being the positive person that he is he is on a mission eliminate it. He is also doing it for his health. We feel that grains are not optimal for good health, especially those high in gluten. I have not eaten grains for well over 12 years with the exception of the occasional oats about 2 year ago. I don't miss them at all and the idea of eating them gives me stomach pains just thinking about it. I am trying my hardest to come up with new and exciting recipes that look like the old that are both gluten and grain free. I have quite a few now and will continue to post them as I test them. I don't want to give you duds!!

Here is a recipe I made on Saturday adapted from They are light and fluffy. Must have been good because they went pretty quickly. I served them with organic greek yoghurt with a little honey stirred into it and a nice ripe banana. My son who doesn't like bananas had them with just honey. Agave or maple syrup would also be nice.

Almond Meal Pancakes

2 ½ cups almond meal
1 tsp baking powder
4 eggs
3/4 cup coconut milk or yoghurt - updated 
Organic butter, coconut oil or olive oil for cooking

  1. Mix dry ingredients in a large spouted mixing bowl
  2. Blend eggs and yoghurt in a blender then add to dry ingredients
  3. Mix until smooth then let sit for 5-10mins
  4. Cook on a medium to low heat in a good pan.
  5. I used organic butter!
Note: Cook them slowly so that the outside does not burn leaving the center raw.


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