Monday, January 14, 2013

Super Healthy Green Goop Pudding

 I have been eating this Green Goop for years!! I love it, it's my version of dark chocolate. The recipes changes a little bit at times, I used to add a lot more Spirulina but I add a lot to my salad in the afternoon so have cut back so that I don't overdo it. But I must admit it is a bit better with a lot more!

It's pretty scary for kids though, mine are all older and used to seeing me with a green mouth and lips but when I visit friends with kids.. you should see the looks I get!!! I've always done the right thing by mine and remembered not to eat it in front of their friends, nothing is worse than a mum that embarrassed you in front of your friends.

I would never have blogged this one but it's received some interest on Instagram so here it is for those that are interested and/or at adventurous.

Green Goop Pudding
1-2 tsp protein powder (I like vanilla pea protein)
½ tsp guar gum
1/3 tsp cinnamon
1/3 tsp vanilla powder
1/3 – ½ tsp MSM - optional
1/3 – ½ tsp Vitamin C powder
1-2 tsp Synergy Super Greens
1-2 tsp Maca
1 tsp glutamine – optional
Stevia powder to taste
Extra Spirulina to taste if you like it
Squirt of liquid stevia – today I used

Place 4-5 cubes of ice into a personal blender, I love the Tribest personally as they are extremely durable. Add all the ingredients in the order mentioned then blend with the cross blade until it thickens and becomes light and fluffy, this can take up to about 3-4 mins.
Pour into a bowl and devour!!
Note: this to me tastes like rich dark chocolate but if you like you can add some Cacao powder to taste, I would recommend about ½ to 1 tsp. It will be like a decadent rich chocolate pudding and oh, so good for you…. Enjoy!

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