Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mixed nut, banana and coconut bars - raw vegan and sugar free, just fresh banana.

I wasn't going to blog this but I had a request from Instagram for a lovely lady, Becc56 so here I go.

I still had lots of very ripe banana's left on the bunch on the deck outside my kitchen that needed using plus I was sprouting a large bowl of mixed nuts to dehydrate for smoothies, yumballs and whatever else I might think of. As soon as I get them home from shopping they are put in the bowl to soak and dry so that I always have them on hand. At the moment I have a  container of walnuts, almonds and the mixed nuts in my pantry. I like the mixed because you get a wider range of nutrition  especially the selenium from the Brazils. OK, back to what I was talking about. This recipe can be done with whatever you have or can get your hands on. You could even add seeds, pepitas are a good source of zinc so when I have those they are added to a lot of things. (reminds me I need to get some)

Mixed nut,fresh banana and coconut bars

Makes about 12 small bars


3 ripe lady finger bananas or 2 small bananas (our lady fingers were very small this time)
1 1/2 cups soaked mixed nuts
3 tbs coconut flour or dried coconut (I used coconut flour but I think fine dried coconut would be nicer)
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla powder or paste
Stevia or xylitol to taste if you want them sweeter and still very low in sugar
Raisins, chopped dates or figs for bursts of juicy sweetness

  1. Blend 2 of the banana with the cinnamon and vanilla in a food processor until smooth
  2. Add the nuts, last banana and coconut and pulse to chop up nuts and banana and mix in coconut
  3. NOTE: don't overdo it, just pulse so that you don't turn it into a mush, you want some texture in the nuts and banana chunks. If the coconut does not mix in properly take the lid off and mix it in with a spoon bofore this happens
  4. Spread onto teflex sheets with a spatula about 1 1/2 cm thick then divide into bars
  5. Dehydrate overnight, turn in the morning and they will be ready by midday, early afternoon. Don't over dry as they will be way too hard. You want the nuts to be dry and crunchy with a bit of give in the banana chunks.

 By the way, bananas are all peeled, bagged and in the freezer now. Perfect for smoothies, ice cream, cakes ... far out!! heaps of things.


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