Monday, March 25, 2013

Ta-ba-ta... I love tabata training!!

Friday was one of those days, you know them, yes it's raining... oh hang on, No it's not!! days. Sometimes I don't mind and I just head out into it not worrying about a bit of water. But I'd been feeling like a bit of a change and some HIIT was what I wanted. I usually do the bodyrocktv version of 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off but I tried Tabata a few months ago and loved it. You can be a lot more intense and it just seems to go so much quicker. It's grouped in lots of 4 minutes so you can do anything in increments of this. Today I did 3 rounds for a 12 minute workout.
I always try to pick full body exercises or 2 that compliment each other, say a lower body with an upper body exercise.
Here is the plan I wrote out for myself...
 12 minutes Tabata
8 minute Tabata - Sunday sesh!!
There is an excellent timer you can get from the iTunes app store called Seconds Free, it's free. Put it onto your iPhone and/or iPad. It's great, I use it for both Bodyrocking and Tabata. It even has a special Tabata timer were you can add as many rounds as you'd like and plays your choice of music from your iPod.  I suggest you stick to around 8-12 minutes, but if you are fairly fit go for a 16-20 minute workout. I did a chest and shoulder workout after my Tabata so I didn't want to overdo it. I have learn't over the years that you don't have to run yourself into the ground to get results.

Here are the workouts. (Googling the exercises will show you how they are done).. I might get brave one day and do a video showing how I do them..

12 minute Tabata (top)

3 rounds
20 seconds on (work/exercise)
10 seconds off (rest)
1 minute rest between rounds

Round 1

  • 10 butt kicks, 10 knee highs
  • Mountain climbers

Round 2

  • Woodchop with medicine ball - left
  • Woodchop with medicine ball - right

Round 3

  • Squat thrusters - with light weight (squat/shoulder press/upright row)
  • Straight abs or sit ups 

8 minute Tabata (bottom)

2 rounds
20 seconds on
10 seconds off/rest
1 minute between round

Round 1

  • Butterflies
  • Mountain climbers

Round 2

  • Woodchop with medicine ball - left
  • Woodchop with medicine ball - right
Go for your life, they are great fun, quick and can be done anywhere!! I Love that!! Let me know how you go..

Just do it? and enjoy..

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