Friday, June 7, 2013

Join me on my morning walk.. Froggy's and back, 3 hill, 3 stairs! Done!

 Getting out for a walk is not all about burning calories and all that weight loss stuff, for me it's all about the sunshine, the 'Me' time, it's meditation, reduces and sometimes eliminates anxiety, stress and frustration. Catch up and wave to walking buddies as we pass each other, Surf check for the boys.. (that's if I even notice it, sometimes I am in a real state of meditation that I don't)... and gets me out of the house!! 
 Through Greenmount hill, love the view here, it's right on top of the surfers and swimmers.
 First lot of stairs, this is only part of it.... 
 here is the rest, I had to take the photo from the top as the sun was in my eyes and the photo looked crap! Stairs No 1
 Down past Snapper and up the hill... Hill No 1
 Down the board-walk to Froggies beach
 here is Froggie
 Up a small flight of stairs and past Snapper again.. this is where they hold the Quicksilver/Roxie Pro!.. so a top surfing location
Up the stairs.. No 2
 Oh, and past Froggie again.. to more stairs
still part of stairs No 2 
Hill No 2, up Greenmount! 
 Down the stairs .... to Greenmount/Coolangatta beach... 
Around Kirra hill...  
run up this little hill....  
to these stairs.. No 3 
Last hill No 3.. a good one this one.. Arss burner! at the top, around the corner and I'm home!! 
Cuppa out the front with my man when he is home... 
 Then my mid morning snack... Perfect start to any day!! Hope you enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed having you join me.. 


  1. What a lovely place to walk through. You must enjoy it every trip



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