Wednesday, June 26, 2013

White Mulberry love - Quick, easy walnut and white mulberry balls and a bonus recipe.

I had a moment at the pantry where I popped  a walnut in my mouth then I grabbed a white mulberry and popped that in as well, it made bells go off.. oh Wow!! that is a good combination.... So I grabbed my little food processor and here is the result

Walnut, white mulberry & coconut balls

Quick, easy and delicious!! If you’ve got friends dropping over for a cuppa and you want to put something sweet and decadent on the table … try these healthy little beauties!! To make them look a little more upmarket roll them in some fine coconut, I didn’t have any when I made these but it would have made them look a lot prettier.


1 cup sundried white mulberries
¾ cup active walnuts – normal if also ok but they need to be dry
½ cup dry coconut


Place all ingredients into a food processor and blend until sticky and will hold together when pressed into a ball

Shape into balls then roll in coconut 

Bonus recipe... 

White Mulberry Jam

This is an quick, easy and versatile jam that you can use in anything. Add it to your granola, muesli or oats with nut milk, spread on a plain 4 seed cracker, spread onto a raw fruit nut base for a mulberry jam cake or make a mulberry milkshake!! …. OK, ill do a recipe for this one! Add it to your ice cream… or just eat it as it is!!

Makes: as much as you want!


Sun dried white mulberries
Enough pure water to cover
Pinch of vanilla powder
Sweetener if needed such as agave, honey, coconut sugar or stevia – I didn’t use and it was fine but that up to the individual.


Soak the mulberries in the water for a couple of hours making sure that you only just cover them, don’t add too much water because you want to use it all as it will contain a lot of the flavor and sweetness from the mulberries. Too much will make the jam runny and watery..  not good!
Blend in a personal blender to your desired consistency, leave some chunks if you like texture or make it super smooth if that’s your thing!!
Store in a glass jar if you don’t consume it straight from the blender cup.. Good luck with that!!


If you really like it, do a large batch in a proper blender.
It is really important to make sure you don’t add too much water!! You can always add it if needed but you can’t take it out!

I need to confess, Jen at Raw Pleasure is one of my besties... she's a love! I have been doing up recipes for them.. Raw Pleasure that is. I have been a customer of theirs since day dot!! and they were my first customer when I had Kitz Living Foods, I made the crackers for them to sell online, they were the beginning of Kitz!! I owe them. I also worked for Raw Pleasure before I started my business so as you can see we have a strong bond. So yes!! I do plug them as a business. But not only for that reason, they also have a fantastic range of raw and organic products that you don't find in your everyday health or wholefoods store. I will and do add links in my posts not because I want you to buy from them but because I know that when I see something I want to make and I can't get the ingredients then I get annoyed. I do it for my readers convenience. One day they will have an affiliate set up for their online shop then I will get something from it but for now I just love to help them out and they help me out by giving me a lot of the ingredients I use to show what can be done with them.. you will also find a lot of my raw recipes on there website from  now on. Jen gave me the while mulberries a couple of weeks ago and it's been love ever since.. ;-)

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