Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Carrot linguini with curry cauliflower sauce - A raw vegan delight

It's been a busy week doing things a little bit unfood related!! Not like me!! ;-) We went house hunting on the weekend, not your normal house hunting though. We are going to give ourselves a gap year soon, we have 2 more years and we are free.. free from lots of things, the main one being our kids!! The 2 older ones are off and independent which is lovely. It's just my little Jstar to go! He will be finished school in 18 months time then all I have to do is settle him into Uni and 'oh ma lord!' .... 

Ok, so we are looking for either a motohome or a caravan. We have found both but now have to decide which is going to be more practical. At first we thought the motohome.. it also seemed something that younger people do, we are not old and retired and don't want to look like it!! (Note to my children: we never will be old!) But!! the more we thought about it we think we have decided that it may be a bit inconvenient not having a car when we get to our destinations. For this week we have decided it's the caravan and a new car.. We found an amazing caravan made by Cell, yep!! it looks like a young persons caravan and my main man is manifesting a X6 Beema to tow it!! (I am helping with this manifestation also, heck why not!.. ) So we have lots to be excited about and it feels good.. I like that! 

Back to my recipe, my bestie at Raw Pleasure Jenstar gave me a Spirooli vegetable spiralizer, I've actually had one before and really didn't like it as I thought the noodles were too thick but this time I used my brain and tried the smaller fine blade and now I am in love!! It's perfect. It quick and easy and does amazing noodles. Yes, there are going to be a few posts using this groovy little device most if not all will also be posted on the Raw Pleasure site as well. I am also enjoying getting back into my raw food creativity. Yep we have a deal, she gives me stuff, I do up recipes and she uses them in her newsletters, that way when we catch up for a cuppa we can tell her old man its a business meeting! Everyone wins! Back to the recipe.. again...

The sweetness of the carrot and fresh shelled peas compliment the curry cauliflower sauce that has a hint of coconut to give it that authentic Indian touch (as well metabolism boosting, healthy skin goodness!) I left it for 4-5 hours in the fridge then added more peas and a few tablespoons of pepitas before I ate it and the flavours had really popped, so good I had to lick the bowl. 

Just to let you know they are doing a special this month at Raw Pleasure on the two appliances I use in this recipe. They are both items I use consistently. The tribest personal blender is one of those things I never leave home without. I've had mine for 7 years (I actually have 2 for fear that something may happen to one) and I am really hard on them and they never falter. I run them till they overheat and cut out then go back in 20 minutes and I'm off again. I've smashed about 5 magic bullets and I'm not talking about the cheap versions, I had the real expensive ones!! Huge waist of money and they don't work as well. The blades on the Tribest are sharper which results in a much smoother blend. Money well spent on your health and the preparation of expensive healthy ingredients, it's worth it.

Carrot linguini with curry cauliflower sauce 
Serves: 2 -4 sides or 1 meal


1 large peeled carrot

Sauce ingredients:
1 large handful of cauliflower
4 slices of peeled zucchini or ¼ cup raw cashews
2 slice fresh ginger
½ garlic clove
2 tbs fresh lemon juice
1 tsp curry powder
2 tsp savoury yeast flakes
1 tsp coconut oil
Pinch stevia
¼ tsp Kalahari or Celtic salt or to taste

For serving:
Freshly shelled peas
Fresh coriander
Fresh chili
Pepitas, sunflower seeds or crushed walnut
Sultanas or raisins


1.       Spiralise the carrot with the fine blade on the spirooli


1.       Add all ingredients to the large cup of a tribest personal blender and blend until smooth, taste and adjust seasoning's if needed.
2.       Pour or spoon onto carrot then add fresh shelled peas, coriander and sliced red chili.


1.     Seeds and nuts plus the addition of the sweet sultanas/raisins and a sprinkle of grated coconut would take this to another level.. It’s a lovely light meal as is but if you need it to be more substantial adding these would do that and they work well with the carrots and curry. (I forgot them in the photo! )
2.       Great as a light meal or serve as a side with a main meal



  1. Your Carrot Pasta looks amazing!!!! My spiralizer broke about a year ago and I have yet to replace it, I must do that.
    Peace and Raw Helth,

  2. Hi Elizabeth, thank you. Yes I recommend you get it asap ;-) I haven't used mine for years, this new one is amazing. I love the attachment for the smaller spaghetti. I have a few more recipes I am going to put up this week I'm having so much fun with it. By the way, I love you blog.... :-)



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