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Raw chocolate fudge turtles.. a little Christmas in July treat!

Here is a treat recipe I did up for Raw Pleasure, it's a culmination of a couple of raw chocolate recipes I've been making for a long time. This is the first time I have used the tempered raw chocolate and if you are going to make them I recommend you try to get it, it really is amazing, the texture and shine is second to none. I've made 3 batches, one with light Agave, dark Agave and the other with coconut palm sugar.. all of them are awesome. And Yes!! Agave is not a good choice of sweetener, way too much fructose! if you have a sensitivity to it. But I do believe in everything in moderation and this is not something you eat a lot of or all the time.. it's a special treat even though it is made from superior raw ingredients and superfoods that are actually quite nutritious.
There is a lot of evidence and article hitting the Internet at the moment explaining that fructose is not good for our health but I was given some and wanted to try it out. The Agave I have has been purchased from Raw Pleasure and they get it from Loving Earth. It is a superior Agave to most of the commercial agaves now available in health food stores, wholefood shops and supermarkets these days. It has been processed below 40 degree's C by a special process, here is the link to the Loving Earth information on the product explaining how it is processed, it's low GI and also a link regarding fructose.
That being said, we do follow a low fructose diet as much as we can so once the Agave is used up I will continue with lower fructose alternatives such as the coconut sugar and or nectar which is packed with magnesium, potassium and iron, minerals that stabilise energy levels. It is also high in the B vitamin Inositol which is widely used as a mood enhancer.You could try honey  or maple syrup but I find that they seem to take over, it would be nice if you wanted a honey chocolate but I really wanted to try to stay true to the real chocolate flavour with these.

Chocolate Fudge Turtles - coconut sugar sweetened

Back to the Turtles.. they are really good!! If I must say so myself. I have spent years trying to master a raw chocolate that my family loves and this one has hit the button. Yeh! It's fudgey, chocolaty and milky soft.. with the addition of some dried fruits and activated nuts that take it to another level..

Chocolate Fudge Turtles - Light Agave 

Makes: a lot of little turtles


1 cup tempered raw cacao paste
1 cup cacao butter
½ cup light agave, dark agave or coconut sugar
½ tsp Kalahari or Celtic sea salt
½ tsp vanilla powder
1 cup cashews –soaked
½ cup dates – soaked
2 large tbs light agave, dark agave or coconut sugar
1 tsp mesquite – optional but this really takes it to the next level.. Amazing!!
Add ins – I did three lots of different combinations.
Goji berries
Activated almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts
Sunflower seeds and pepitas
Coconut flakes or shreds


1.   In a glass or ceramic bowl melt the cocoa paste, cocoa butter,  Agave, salt and vanilla at low temperature, I did this in my dehydrator but you can also do it in your oven set at warm, keep it at about 40oc (105of) or over a bowl of simmering water making sure no water gets into the mix.
2.   In a high speed blender add the soaked and rinsed cashews, Agave  dates and mesquite and blend on high until super smooth and creamy. Rub it between you thumb and forefinger to make sure that it is not grainy textured if it is keep going until it’s like cream!
3.   Add the melted chocolate to the creamed cashew mix a blend to combine it all together  then pour/spoon into a medium bowl and add in the extra’s you wish to use.
4.   Dollop tablespoon onto baking paper and freeze until firm.


I did a few plain then added some chopped nuts and whole seeds and made a few with that. Then I added some Goji berries and sultanas and did a few more with that then added the coconut flakes and finished the rest of the mix for some full on fruit, nut and coconut chocolates. This way you only need to use one bowl and you get a lot of chocolate out of one mix.  Happy!


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