Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simple vegetable and poached egg breaky, brunch or snack! plus some simple digestion and seasoning tips!

Oops, I so wanted to get this recipe posted before breakfast but I was whisked away by my Sister and Mum from Darwin to breaky at a beach side cafe.. life is tough!! NOT.. Perfect way to start the weekend. They have come all the way from Darwin on the midnight flight. The breakfast was a stop off as they are on their way to Coffs Harbour to watch my 11 year old niece play for the NT in the Junior soccer titles this week.
With the cold weather and abundance of beautiful fresh local and organic winter vegetables this has been a favourite late morning snack of mine so I thought I'd share it with you seen as I instagram and FB it almost daily. I love the bright colours and the contrast of the gorgeous deep orange yolk.. I've also added some hints on making your own fresh and convenient seasoning's that you can adjust to your liking.
Just in case you need some inspiration my favourite combinations are Celery tops, zucchini, mushroom and broccolini, or Eggplant, celery tops, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, spinach and mushrooms. For some reason I don't usually feel like tomato in the morning but if I have it in the afternoon I always add it.

 Simple steamed and seasoned vegetables with poached egg/s

In a small for 1 or medium for 2 pot place about 1cm of water and place onto a hot stove then add your choice of evenly diced and sliced:

Celery and celery tops
Brussels sprouts
spinach - normal and baby
Fresh garlic, ginger and turmeric

  • Then either steam  sauté in 1tbs organic butter or coconut oil until the vegetables are just starting to soften then take off the heat and add your seasonings, I add Himalayan pink salt, cracker black pepper and my grinder filled with various spices and herbs. (I take it off the heat so that the steam  doesn't clog up my grinders J )
  • Then place the pot back onto a very low heat and gently place your egg/s onto the vegetables and replace the lid so that the egg/s poach. Once the white is cooked and the yolk is still runny turn off stove and gently slide into a bowl. 
  • Add fresh greens and diced cucumber then spray or sprinkle the greens and cucumber with raw apple cider vinegar and give it all another seasoning with the spice grinder or your favorite herbs or spice mix. 


Apple cider vinegar and my personal mixed salt/pepper/spice grinder

I like to make my own seasoning, it doesn't mean I always get them perfectly right every time but I like doing things myself with the knowledge that there are only good quality salts, fresh spices and herbs in there without any additives, preservatives or free flowing agents!! It' s the fussy purist in me. 

Example of things I add are :

Whole coriander
Whole cumin
Chilli flakes
Fennel seeds
Peppercorns - black, red and white
Celery seeds
Himalayan and/or Kalahari salt
Dried mixed herbs such as parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary etc

I just add what fits in until it's full then when it needs topping up I add something different. One day I'll follow a recipe but for now I just do what I'm feeling like at the time. At the moment it's warming spices.
(No! I don't measure, I just put a bit of this and a bit of that!) 

Enjoy you weekend.. K

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