Sunday, August 18, 2013

Zucchini noodles with pea and avocado sauce

I just made this for a quick afternoon snack and not only is it delicious it really quick and simple. I used frozen peas.. love them! It only takes a few minutes to defrost them in warm water and your ready to go. With the spirooli and tribest blender I find I can make a quick snack or a full on meal in no time at all. I have an addiction to raw food.. I don't know that I should be eating as many raw vegetable as I do as my digestion is not the strongest. I take a digestive enzyme before larger meals to help me. It makes me wonder a bit as many raw foodists seems to need digestive enzymes, yet they say raw food is all about the enzymes staying in tact to help with digestion of the food you are eating!! I need to do more research on this one, I'll get back to you with my findings. Remind me if I don't!! ;-)

If you like peas and avocado you are going to love this!! Actually even if you don't you'll be pleasantly surprised!! The cumin gives it a nice lift with the extra seasoning's. I really enjoyed it. It would work well as an office lunch, keep the sauce and noodles separate then combine when needed. The sauce would also make a nice light salad dressing or substitute for guacamole or mayonnaise.

Zucchini noodles with pea and avocado sauce

Serves: 1


1 large zucchini


1 cup peas
¼ avocado
½ garlic cloves
2-3 slice fresh ginger
1/3 tsp cumin
Savoury seasoning – I used Aussie BBQ (no fillers, preservative or additives and contains Himalayan salt) – from Aldi
Salt and pepper to taste


½ tsp hemp seeds
Chopped red capsicum
Fresh parsley and coriander
Extra seasoning


Sprialize zucchini on the spirooli with the fine blade. You can also grate or peel to create noodles. 


Add all ingredients to a tribest personal blender or similar and blend until smooth, adjust seasonings to taste then pour over noodles and garnish. Enjoy! 

  1. To make it super light it works well without the avocado but I would add some protein to make it satisfying or you will get hungry again quite quickly
  2. To make it more substantial add more avocado and hemp seeds.

Paleo: I think it would be delicious with tuna or salmon added

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