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Raw zpaghetti alla puttenesca – Raw vegan, low fat and Paleo options

Oops! I've been a bit slack in the last week. It's a bit harder to get to my computer with enough time to upload new recipes when my hubby is on his week off. We had a fantastic week, 3 picnics!! We ventured out into the country to get some fresh air and sunshine. Not that we don't get it here in the coast. With him being away so much it's nice to get away and be by ourselves. He has been working week on, week off for nearly 5 yrs now and that a lot of time for us being apart. We are starting to feel like we need to find something new that we can work together on... having seconds thoughts about travelling now, maybe we're not old enough for that..It will be interesting to see what we want to do next week, we are all over the shop!!

Here's a recipe I did for Raw Pleasure, it's another quick and easy raw pasta dish, super healthy, good for you heart, Mediterranean style yumminess!!

This is my take on this well know Italian recipe.  It’s it's another quick and easy raw pasta dish, super healthy, good for your heart, Mediterranean style yumminess!!  I do suggest though that you leave it for at least an hour before eating as the flavours just get better with time. I have added some options for different diets so there is a healthy meal here to suit everyone while getting a good dose of raw vegetables, healthy fats for the heart  and uptake of nutrients. Extra protein options are in the notes at the bottom.
This was so good I felt like I was having a good Italian pasta dish, the smoked paprika and raw olives give it that authentic note. It’s perfect as a side or can be altered to make it a substantial main meal.

Raw zpaghetti alla puttenesca 

Serves: 1


1 roma tomato
1 small slice onion
5 cm peeled zucchini or ¼ cup active walnuts
1 large slice red capsicum (pepper)
10 herbed and pitted black Bojita olives (raw)
2 cm piece of long red chili
Small handful each of:
·         Oregano
·         Basil
·         Parsley
·         Sage
½ clove garlic
1 tbs fresh lemon juice
1 tbs of extra virgin olive oil – cold pressed
1/3 tsp smoked paprika
Kalahari or Celtic sea salt to taste
Cracker pepper to taste

Dressing to serve:
1 roma tomato - diced
Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
Raw apple cider vinegar
Savoury yeast flakes
Extra fresh herbs for dressing


1.     Spiralise zucchini with the small pasta attachment on the sparooli then transfer to a bowl
2.     Add all dressing ingredients to a tribest blender and blend until smooth. Adjust seasonings to suit then pour over the zucchini (zpaghetti) and garnish with the tomato and herbs then dress with a sprinkle or spray of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and give it a good tablespoon of the Savoury yeast flakes! Let sit for about an hour or as long as you can handle it to let the flavours marry.. it get’s better with time!! Enjoy!


1.     You can use the larger pasta attachment for the spirooli if you like thick pasta, I think the small one is nicer as you get more from the zucchini and it tends to be a little bit softer
2.     Red onions would be nice as they tend to be a bit sweeter, I only had a brown onion and it still tasted great
3.     If you don’t have fresh herbs then you could substitute dried mixed Italian herbs
4.     I keep a spray bottle of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and Raw apple cider vinegar for dressing salads. Coles has a great spray bottle that works well, hasn’t clogged up (yet) and is cheap!!


Substantial raw vegan meal: Use the walnuts and a good sprinkle of Pepitas when dressing(or seed of choice) or you could add a few savoury nutballs if you have any plus at least 1-2 tablespoons of savoury yeast flakes to add protein (as well as B vitamins) and healthy fats to help with utilisation of the fat soluble vitamins in the raw ingredients.

Substantial vegan: Add cooked lentils or beans and heap on those yeast flakes.. they are the cheese that help to make it pop!! ;-)

Paleo: Add a tin of tuna, sardines or cooked minced turkey, chicken or red meat for extra protein – a couple of anchovies would make it very authentic and add wonderful flavor, omit smoked paprika if adding them though as it may be overkill!

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