Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Myajvar, zucchini noodles and green peas

Saturday was a big noodle day. I was busy busy busy in my kitchen, making stuff, taking photos, eating, blogging, eating..as you do when the ole man's away and you've got some catching up to do! It was also the last day of the spirooli, Tribest special at Raw Pleasure and I wanted to do some stuff for my good mate Jen to show her how much I loooove my spirooli and Tribest blender!! they both "Rock my world"

I made the "Myajvar" in the morning and was using all of my will power from getting into it with a spoon and devouring the lot! I made this up and kept adding stuff to it as I ate it.. hence the slathering of savoury yeast flakes at the end which gave it a nice cheesey taste. Napolitana with cheese sauce type thing really.. well sort of, well maybe not but you know what I mean.

This isn't really a main meal as it is a bit light but if you add some nuts, seeds or protein to it its a fantastic meal. Quick, easy and nutritious. I'll add some suggestion in the Notes at the bottom.

Myajvar, zucchini noodles and green peas
Serves: 1 :-)


1 large zucchini - peeled and spiralised or made into noodles with a vegetable peeler
1/2 cup of Myajvar
1/2 cup defrosted green peas
Savoury yeast flakes - as much as you like to make it cheesy.


Spoon the sauce onto the noodles then, cover with peas and smother with savoury yeast flakes! Yum, Enjoy! 


This is a very light meal. It's great of you are going to have a nice healthy raw dessert but if it's all you are having you will need to add some protein or healthy fats, here are some options:

Vegan: Add activated nuts, seeds or avocado.
Paleo: Add a tin or tuna, salmon or shredded roast chicken
Pescatarian: Add tuna, salmon or sliced cooked prawns


Please feel free to pin or share my recipes.... thanks :-)

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