Friday, September 13, 2013

Strawberry Love

Strawberries! They're all about love aren't' they? Doesn't mean they alwasy taste amazing though.  If you get a good one there great but if there not, there just a sour little red thing.. I think they are really over rated! I'm not a fan but my husband loves them sprinkled with sugar. My son and his girlfriend love them dipped in chocolate. But that's the thing ... they always want sweetness added to them to bring out the flavour. It has to be that they are picked too early. I have had the odd occasion where I have purchased super sweet ones.. a rare treat thats for sure.

Hubby's home this week, his back is giving him a bit of grief, not good if an emergency comes up at work, he is in an ESO which is an Essential services officer. His job includes, fire, emergency, rescue, medical and security. As you can see, it' not a job for someone that is incapacitated!! He will be fine, he just needed to let it get better properly so as not to agitate it and cause more problems... better to be safe than sorry and it's not good for them if he can't do the job properly. It's been great having him home, not good for my blogging though!! ;-) .. great for recipes! he is my best recipe tester!

Yesterday we decided to get out of the house, so I quickly made up some lunch for us and we headed of for a picnic by the inlet at Kingsliff.. the water was crystal clear and the day was beautiful. I made up some spiralized veggies with Myajvar.. It was awesome!! So I'm about to make another batch as I finished off the jar last night.

I did this strawberry recipe about a month ago when strawberries were cheap and abundant. It's a typical strawberry dish, lots of other sweet goodies added to it. It's also raw, healthy and loaded with good stuff. This would make a beautiful Sunday brunch entree. It's nice and light and looks amazing. I added the Strawberry chia jam I made in last month, the recipe is in the Chocolate dipped strawberry protein cookies 

 Deconstructed Strawberry and Apple crumble
Makes: 1 serve


1 apple - peeled and spiralised or grated
Juice of a quarter lemon
4-5 strawberries
1/3 to 12 cup Mixed active nuts and seeds - crushed coarsely
2 tbs goji berries
2 tbs sultanas(raisins)
2 tbs pepitas (pumpkin kernals)
2 tbs coconut shreds
3 tbs Strawberry chia jam
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon and vanilla powder
Raw honey, agave or maple syrup


Add the lemon juice,  to the apple to stop it from going brown and mix it through, then add the vanilla and cinnamon. Place the apple onto a plate, followed by the nut and seed mix, the chia jam then sprinkle over sultanas, pepitas and coconut. Drizzle the honey, agave or maple syrup over the lots and serve!


  1. I ground my nuts and seed mix in my tribest which made them a bit fine. You can do the same just don't do it for too long.
  2. Chopped dates and figs would also work well with this.
  3. I used a green apple which was quite tart plus the addition of the lemon juice, I'm a real sweet tooth so I added a fair bit of sweetener.
  4. If doing for a group just multiply by the number of serves and do it up in a nice pie dish. Plated up individually would look pretty impressive too but would be a bit more work

Here is my picnic lunch.. Now i'm off to make more of Myajvar.. enjoy you weekend.. 


  1. This is gorgeous!
    I think you're right about the strawberries being picked too early.. I'll have to try and find some perfect ones for this recipe (:

    1. Thank you
      It's a shame because they can be so nice.. :-)



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