Saturday, November 9, 2013

Easy little "Fig-n-Oat" hearts

Here's a quick little recipe that contains oats. I know they are a grain and I do think that we should eliminate as much grain as possible but there are said to be some pretty good benefits to eating oats and lets face it, their taste and texture is pretty damn good.  You know my motto, all good things in moderation.

For one, studies have proved that the fibre in oats is good for lowering cholesterol. And here are 10 more reason to include oats in your diet..

  1. High in fibre, low in fat with high levels of protein
  2. Low in calories - 130 cals per cup
  3. Stabilizes blood sugar, therefore reducing the risk of diabetes
  4. Gluten free - check the label for this one as some are not due to packaging environments
  5. High in lignans which help protect against heart disease and cancer
  6. Contains a unique antioxidant the also protects against heart disease and heart failure
  7. The unique fiber, Beta-glucan enhances immune response to disease
Couple that with calcium and potassium rich figs - also said to be great for the female libido!! Raw cashews and a few dates, heres another healthy little 3 minute snack made from everyday pantry items.

 Fig-n-Oat Hearts

Makes: Probably 8-10 if you don't eat too much of the mix while shaping them!


1/2 cup rolled oats - gluten free and unstabilized
5 dried figs - remove the hard stalk and chop in half
5-6 dried pitted dates
1/4 cup raw cashews
1/4 cup organic dried coconut - optional (I didn't use it)


Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor. I did mine in my Tribest personal blender and whizz until they are fine and sticky and starting to get gooey when pressed into a ball. To achieve this you will have to shake the blender vigorously to get the ingredients distributing evenly around the blades while it is running. Doing it in a good processor usually eliminates this. Once the mix is ready, press them into a silicone heart shaped chocolate mold. I pushed mine out straight away which left little indents in the top, but if you want them perfect then freeze them first so they go hard then they will press out without affecting the shape . If you don't have the mold then just roll into balls and if you wish you could roll them in coconut as well.
Enjoy! :-)


Unstabilized oats have not been streamed before being rolled which keeps their nutrition 100% intact and therefore making them a healthier choice. It is not essential to get unstabilized as the stabilized oats still have a lot of benefits. It's you choice, but I think its good to know that you have options and seen as this is a raw recipe and the oats are not going to be cooked the raw version is a good choice.

Update on the garden:

It's coming on great guns, we have tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, capsicums and butternut pumpkins already. The cucumbers I am already picking with the Chard, lettuces, herbs and rocket. I think the rest should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Mmm, that reminds me, we should get some new greens ready to plant!

Cucumber and chard

Does anyone else have a veggie garden and if you do what have you got growing? 

have a great weekend.. :-)

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