Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pumpkin Pina Colada - Raw Vegan Mocktail

"If you like Pina Coladas, and gettin caught in the rain.." everytime I think of this recipe I have to sing this song.. I wasn't able to write the rest of it our cos I don't think I get the words right, but that's ok, I'm having fun and that's all that matters..

I've had a lovely morning in my kitchen singing away to Ill Divo!! there you go, there's something you didn't know about me, I love Ill Divo. I even used to listen to it when I did long distance running. It really relaxed me and i'd just float along. If I'm feeling a bit stressed and anxious I put it on to do my weight training.

This was my Mocktail for Melbourne Cup day, big day that it was! Hubby and I kicked back on the lounge with our lunch then straight after the race headed out for a cuppa before he got picked up to go back to work. Here's something else you may not know about me.. I'm a hermit!! I love being at home, I don't need lots of people around me and I have my few special friends that I catch up with occasionally. When my man is home from work he's my best friend and we have a holiday week. That's the upside of being a FIFO (Fly in, fly out) wife, his roster is week on, week off! Perfect, not too long that it's too hard but long enough that I get 'me' time (so does he ;-) ) and I get the benefits of having a full week with him when he is home. We work hard to make it work and it's great. Now you know why I have one week of being productive in the kitchen and my blog and the next it all goes Pear shaped!.. ah well, Live Love Laugh! life's too short to worry about shit that don't matter..

Ok, here's the recipe for this yummy smoothie come Mocktail. I think it would be perfect for christmas, you know that whole pumpkin thing with a mix of our tropical Pineapple, so summery! Tip!! Get a good Jap/Kent pumpkin, make sure it really dark orange, they are the sweetest!

Pumpkin Pina Colada
Serves: 1


½ cup raw pumpkin chopped into small pieces
¾ cup fresh pineapple – chopped
1 ripe banana
2 tbs organic dried coconut or coconut butter
1 tbs raw honey, agave, maple syrup or coconut syrup
½ tsp vanilla powder and ground cinnamon
1 tsp mesquite or camu camu
1/8 tsp mixed spice
100 ml water or coconut water


Add all ingredients to a high speed blender or small personal blender such as the tribest and blend until super smooth and creamy. Pour into a nice glass and garnish with coconut and a few cranberries. Enjoy!

Here's cheers big ears!!

Have a good day, I'm off to do my workout.. today is going to be a 15 minute HIIT then some weights for my back!! What exercise are you doing today? 

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