Monday, November 11, 2013

Rice Pizza Crust - Gluten free

I had one of those moments on Saturday night! Yikes, I'd been out all afternoon and it was Pizza night, I don't have a pizza base ready! But, I did have some cooked rice in the fridge for Tuna and rice balls I was supposed to have made the day before but didn't have any cottage cheese. Thinking caps on, I came up with this pizza base. It was quick to make and I was very impressed with how well it stayed together. I was expecting him to have to eat it with a knife and fork. It's was perfect and well received considering it wasn't his favourite normal pizza crust. He had some for lunch yesterday and has taken the last 2 pieces for lunch today.  Good value I say for this frugal, waste nothing mum.
I also had leftover chicken and chickpea mince from Burritos the night before which we always save for Jordi's pizza the next night so that what I topped it with. You could easily use your favourite toppings and it would be just as good.

Chicken and chickpea pizza on a rice crust

Makes: 1 x 26cm round pizza


Rice base:

2 1/2 cups cold cooked rice  
3/4 cup fresh grated cheese - try not to use the bought grated cheese it has fillers in it
1 free range egg


Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and combine thoroughly. Preheat a 26cm fry pan to medium heat and lightly coat the base with coconut oil or a healthy oil of your choice. Gently wipe the base with paper towel to spread the oil evenly and to keep it minimal.

Tip the mix into the frypan and spread it out evenly then gently shape the edges with the back of a knife or spoon to create a good thick edge. Gently fry until the bottom lightly browns and it starts to set, then place into the oven grill and cook the top on a medium heat. It should take about 10-15 minutes to just set.

Once it has, pry it loose from the pan with a metal spatula and slid it onto a baking tray ready to top with your favourite toppings then bake as per a normal pizza.


I think you could leave it in the frypan if you wanted but I wanted to make sure the crust set properly and got a little crunchy on the bottom.

Tipt: Don't overdo the crunch because rice can get a bit hard!

Enjoy, gluten free pizza, quick and easy! :-)

Hope everyone had a good weekend.. Hey, how many people had pizza on the weekend..... and most of all how many made their own, and who bought? 

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  1. I make this all the time for parties, except I put the veggies thru the food processor first to get them super tiny. It's always devoured and I'm always begged for the recipe! About Family Restaurant

    1. Sounds Great, do you add veggies to the rice?



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