Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts - one nut free, both grain free and raw vegan

OMG, We are only a week away from Christmas and for some reason I'm already exhausted and feeling overwhelmed.. it's just my OCD kicking in and feeling like everything has to be perfect.. Family arriving on the weekend, my kids will all be home, my husband is leaving this afternoon to go back to work and won't be back until Boxing Day so that is going to be our Christmas day. Lucky our kids are old enough because they are going to have to wait to open their presents until then. 

Here are two more recipes that can be make with the Fruit Mince from last week. One is nut free and the other is a nice delicate light coloured shortbread type crust that's grain free and raw vegan. both are really nice so choose one or do both. 

 Nut free tart crust:


½ cup coconut flour or dried coconut
½ cup sultanas, dates or raisins
Optional: ½ tsp Orange zest and vanilla powder


Blend in a blender until smooth and sticky then press into small removable bottom tart shells. Press out then fill with a tablespoon or two of the fruit mince

Soft White Tart Crust:


100 ml dried coconut


Blend in a blender until smooth and sticky then press into small re-moveable bottom tart shells. It should make 6. Place into the freezer to harden then gently remove and fill with the fruit mince mix. Decorate with sliced goji berries, chopped raw cashews and coconut shreds.


Coconut flour is very dry and will produce a much firmer and drier crust. It would probably help to keep the white cashew crust from going soft so quickly if you were to use it but I must admit the texture of the dried coconut is very nice. Just make sure they are cold when you serve them. Soft and gooey is ok too, just eat them with a dessert fork if they get too fragile.

Recipe shared at Raw Pleasure 
and Weekend Wellness

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