Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dried fruit salad with raw chocolate dipping sauce

Mmmmm.... who doesn't like fruit dipped in chocolate?.. here's a recipe for the best summer fruit, dehydrated to enhance the sweetness with a healthy chocolate dipping sauce that only takes a few minutes to put together.

I use my dehydrator a lot. It's nearly always on. Everyday foods like tomatoes, pumpkin seeds sprinkled with good salt or herbamare, crispbreads, sprouted nuts and seeds, mushrooms, celery tops, dried fruits to name a few. I only do small batches, say a tray of each. It's quick and easy and they add amazing flavour to our meals. I have the Sedona which sits just outside my kitchen on my back deck, I love that it's in the fresh air. I've also had a lot of Excaliburs (my Kitz days)and I highly recommend both. Don't waste your money on anything less if you are serious about your health and good food. 

Dried fruit salad with chocolate dipping sauce

Dried Fruits:

Bananas – sliced or divided into thirds lengthwise
Pineapple – diced or sliced
White peach, Yellow peach and Nectarine - cut into wedges
Apple – Peeled and cut into wedges then cover with fresh lemon juice
Strawberries – halved
Mango – slices


Dehydrate all fruit on the mesh sheets of your dehydrator overnight or until chewy but not too dry and hard.

Chocolate dipping sauce – 2 ways!

2 tbs Agave, coconut syrup, maple syrup or raw honey
2-3 tbs Cacao powder
2-3 tbs Coconut oil – omit for a low fat chocolate sauce
1/3 tsp Vanilla powder


Add all ingredients to a small bowl and mix with a spoon, making sure that the cacao powder is fully incorporated.  Adjust sweeteners and cacao powder to taste. Can be consumer straight away but if left overnight it thickens and the texture improves.

  1. The weather has warmed up here so my coconut oil is liquid making this recipe work well. If your coconut oil is solid it may not work so use 1 tbs coconut butter, the sauce with be a little bit thicker but you can adjust to suit.
  2. You can use the sauce for fresh fruit as well

Enjoy with friends and family over christmas.. would make a great dessert on a hot day!

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