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Spirulina-n-Sprout balls - high protein, raw vegan and alkalising

These little bad boys might look a bit weird but if you love spirulina like I do then you are gonna love them.. No nuts, No seeds, high in non-acidic vegan protein and full of life from living sprouts. I sprouted mung and alfalfa to make them so they take a couple of days to put together but they are so worth it. I am going to make another batch this week.

Sprouts are the ultimate living food!! Sprouting brings the dormant seed to life and greatly enhances nutrition especially B vitamins and it produces Vitamin C. Anti-nutrients such as phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are also removed making them easy to digest, some call it 'pre-digested', you will therefor be able to assimilate a lot more of the enhanced nutrition.. huge bonus! Sprouting also makes what potentially can be an acidic food into an alkaline food. Good reason to get sprouting and really it is so easy.. you don't need all of the fancy sprouting kits.. I sprout in bowls and jars and it's a lot of fun watching them grown, especially in summer when they grow so fast.

The benefits of spirulina are also well documented. It's also another non acidic form of protein and is high in vitamins, minerals, omega 3, chlorophyll and is a great at removing heavy metals. It contains more calcium than milk and more protein than meat. It can also increase fat burning during exercise.

Wow, I think I should call these "Superman balls".. I'll stick with Spirulina balls just to scare all of those un-adventurous souls out there.. Spirulina is one of those foods thats a bit 'ew' when you first start using it but the longer you take it you seem to develop a taste for it. I love it. I can smother it on anything, it makes things thick and goopy which is a texture I love.

Spirulina-n-Sprout balls

Makes: 18


3 cups sprouted mung and alfalfa mix
2 medium mushrooms
½ carrot peeled and sliced
4 sun-dried tomatoes
4 black olives – I used raw olives
3 tsp psyllium or ground chia/flax
2 tsp Spirulina
1 lge tsp unpasteurized miso
1 tbs fresh rosemary
Small handful fresh parsley
1 tsp mixed dried herbs
½ tsp Himalayan salt


Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until just between fine and chunky. You don’t want them completely mushed up, a little bit of texture is good.. Once blended roll into small balls and place on the mesh sheet of a dehydrator tray and dehydrate at 45oc for 6-8 hours.

Tomato Sauce




Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth but with a little bit of texture.

As you can see I also added some of my dehydrated mushroom slices.. 

Once the balls are made this is a quick and easy light meal or snack. To make the zucchini noodles just spiralis, mandolin or grate a whole zucchini then add the balls and sauce. Season if you wish! Enjoy!

My spunky gardener tieing up the baby toms.. :-) the garden is going great guns.. we are getting a daily feed from it.. 

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