Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sweet Chili Filly Cheese Party Dip

This has to be an old time favorite of many. I know I always went for the dips when I was younger and into the party scene. These days its a sit down affair with only a few people but still just as enjoyable. This is my healthy raw version of this popular dish. I've done it up a few times and served it with dehydrated crackers

The cream cheese is nice and smooth and not too strong in taste so it takes on the Sweet Chili Sauce perfectly. It's up to you how hot you make the sauce, mine was only mild so that it would suit everyone.

Sweet Chili Filly Cheese Party Dip

Makes: 1 large serve or 2 small


Filly Cheese

1 cup raw cashews – soaked for 3 hrs or overnight
½ probiotic tablet
½ lemon - juiced
1/3 tsp salt

Sweet Chili Sauce

1 long red chili
½ red capsicum – seeded
1 cm piece fresh ginger
4 pitted dates
½ lime - juiced
¼ clove garlic
Pinch salt & pepper


Filly Cheese

Rinse and drain the cashews then add 1/3 cup water plus the ½ probiotic tablet and blend in a small blender like the tribest until smooooth! Use the flat blade as I find it gets soaked nuts super creamy. Once you have achieved the desired consistency transfer the mix to a nutmilk bag and lay it in a colander so that the liquid can drain. Leave in a quite spot in your kitchen for 8 hours or overnight. Remove from the bag and add the juice and salt to taste. Place in the fridge until ready to plate up.

Sweet Chili Sauce

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

Plate up

Spoon Filly Cheese onto a serving plate and shape into a mound, then with the back of the spoon create and little well in the center for the chili sauce. Pour the chili sauce into the well and let it overflow, the more Sweet Chili sauce you can fit in/on the better but don't overdo it. You could have some left overs.
Serve with crackers, crispbread or cut up veggies sticks! Enjoy!


1.      You could use the whole probiotic tablet if you wish; I only used half because I used the other half in another seed cheese I was making.
2.      Add half the lemon juice and taste test so that you don’t overdo it. You are looking for that nice smooth cream cheese taste, not too strong as it will have the chili sauce added to it.
3.      I’d advise you to make the Sweet Chili Sauce the same time you start the cream cheese as leaving it overnight helps the flavors develop and it will be perfect by the time the cream cheese it ready.
4.      If you don't have time or probiotics to make the cream cheese you could always use this recipe which is quick and easy and can all be done on the same day. Just err on the side of less is best when adding the seasonings.

Recipe shared at Raw Pleasure

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