Friday, January 3, 2014

2013's favourite recipes

What a year it was! I had a great time creating new recipes for myself, my family, Raw Pleasure and most of all my followers.

This blog has been a bit of a refuge for me of late. I have days where I feel a little overwhelmed with life. You know those days when you wonder what you're doing, where you're going and you just feel like heading out bush and living in a Yurt! My husband and I get it regularly... OK, maybe we are different, maybe yours is somewhere else a little more upmarket. I'm basically a pretty simple soul. As long as I have somewhere for shower, a clean bed, exercise and fresh healthy food then I'm happy!

So as I was saying, when I feel like that I just love to get into my kitchen, create something new and bury myself in my imaginary world of 'Karenluvslife' cos you know what, I do love life! I am instinctively positive! I can only see the good in everything and get quite shocked when friends, family and colleagues views on everything are consistently 'Doom and Gloom!' What's with that! It's manifesting a sad and negative existence. It actually stresses me to hear them say it, let alone think it.

When I feel a little bit out of sorts I automatically think to myself that I'll be better in the morning. If my husband is running late I always think he's doing something special for me. Like getting me some flowers. That's if he's just a bit late .. if he's too long I worry!! It's never something sinister like 'What's he doing? Where is he? Why?'

Is anyone else like that? ..

So as you can see, that's why I called my blog 'Karenluvslife', cos I do! Life is sweet! Live! Love! Laugh!.. It's even on my clock and stuck up on the wall in my lounge. My happiness level is very low. Expensive houses, cars, jewellery, holidays don't spell happiness and contentment to me.. they are a source of stress, oh except if I won lotto.. yeah, well that would be a bit different.. ;-)

Here are the 5 most popular recipes from 2013.

Crab Cake Waffles..
Thanks to the Spoonful which is a Disney lifestyle website that featured them in a waffle special they ran last year. 

And a very belated ....'HAPPY NEW YEAR' :-)

I have something new and exciting I will be sharing with you all soon.. this is going to be a great year!

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