Friday, March 14, 2014

Coconut Butter - superfood, super delicious! plus a bonus recipe.

 I've only been making this for a couple of weeks and I'm addicted. I can't believe how sweet it is and how good it tastes, I find myself sneaking back to the pantry and scooping little teaspoons straight from the jar. The first time I made it I wondered if I'd accidentally put something sweet into the blender as well but the second batch was the same. Along with my cocosupps this has added to may daily dose of coconut oil and I really think I can feel it's benefits. I even think it's decreased my stomach fat like they say.. something I didn't really need to happen! But the benefits to my digestion and thyroid are more important so I'm continuing to enjoy it.

I'd love to tell you in this post about the many different reasons it's considered one the best superfoods around but there are other sites that say it better than I can so here's a link to one I found really good.

Here are a few pics of what I did yesterday with the left overs that wouldn't fit in the jar.. and the tart, well.. that's just me when the blender is dirty, I find something else to make.

 Warm coconut butter poured over on my Complete Meal Muesli made with blended and cut up fresh fruit. 

Raw Chocolate crusted, Coconut butter and Blueberry Tart with an Agave drizzle. 

Coconut Butter


6-7 cup organic dried coconut - unsweetened


Add 4 cups of coconut to a high speed blender, start slowly then increase speed using the tamper to help distribute the coconut on the top, once it has blended down and you have enough room, add the rest of the coconut and keep blending until it turns into an easy to blend liquid. It's still quite a bit of work for your blender so keep an eye on it so that you don't overheat it. Turn if off for a while if you have too them come back and give it another whiz until you get really runny smooth butter. This can take about 5-10 minutes depending on your blender.

Pour into a sterilised jar and store in the pantry. It goes too hard in the fridge! Add it to everything, even smoothies.

Chocolate Crusted Tart Recipe

Base: use your favourite recipe for raw chocolate balls, press the mix into a tart shell.

Filling: Pour coconut butter into the base then place fresh blueberries into the butter and drizzle with agave, coconut syrup, honey or maple syrup.

Enjoy warm and fudgy or place into the fridge until cooled and firm.

Yeah, ok the choccy one is the same but the filling is left overs from the frosting on this recipe.. when I'm on a roll I'm on a roll.. :-)

Friday, already.. I've got a lunch date with 2 super energetic and motivated ladies today... can't wait..


  1. Where do you get unsweetened coconut from? I have looked an they don't have it written on it

    1. Hi, if it doesn't say that it's been sweetened then it's not. The ingredients will just say coconut.



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