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My Little Beauties - Cocosupps2

I love these scary little dudes!! I'm the only one in our house the eats them usually. My oldest Son was home this morning so I asked if he was game enough to try one and to his credit he said.. "Yes" He quickly grabbed a drink of water and a couple of spoonfuls of my Complete Meal Muesli as soon as the strong flavours hit! the trick is to start with just small amounts of the ingredients you struggle with and more of what you like. You could even add some stevia or another sweetener of your choice if you think it will help. I will admit they are an acquired taste but once you have it you'll love them. Who else started taking spirulina and just about gagged every time you took it. Then before you knew it you where actually enjoying it. I got to the point that I was having 3-4 large tablespoons on my salad. It was pretty gruesome for anyone sitting near me but I loved it. The only reason I stopped was because I felt I needed to give my body a break, any my family.

I did post these last year with a few options but I've expanded on them a little so thought it would be nice to share with you. They've been a great way for me to get my daily dose of coconut oil which is said to help the thyroid, especially if you are Hypothyroid which I am. I've even found that my hair is healthier, I'm not so cold and my scaly little elbow has gone. I've recently added Maca which is also great for balancing hormones and adrenal health. Yep, I smash my adrenals as well!

It's a constant journey keeping on top of it all but I'm extremely lucky that I feel completely happy and nourished eating the way I do. Most would look at it as being restrictive, I think of it as a 'Life of Abundance'.. an abundance of beautiful natural food straight from nature. I definitely wasn't on top of it before last November when I decided that it was time to have a go at cutting out the goitrogenic vegetables to see if it helped. I don't know why I hadn't done it before. I think I was in a state of denial. I figured if it was a vegetable or fruit then it must be good for me, or I just loved steamed Brussels Sprouts, Eggplant, Broccoli and especially raw cauliflower. Seems I was wrong. Straight away bloating, gas, and quite severe intestinal burning healed and disappeared. I couldn't believe how good I felt. My mojo has come back. So much so that I am totally inspired and fired up, I have a new project I can't wait to share with you guys. It's taking way to long to get it organised but I did receive and email today and it looks like I will be able to launch it next Thursday. I'm so freakin excited!

Since cutting out the only foods that I was eating cooked I've naturally returned to an extremely high raw diet. The only cooked food I have now is a little bit of fish or seafood plus my grass fed bovine gelatine that has helped my gut immensely. It was a biggy for me to even start taking it but the pain I was experiencing was getting out of control. All of the reports I read about bone broth and how it heals the gut I had to give the gelatine it a try because I can't get my head around making a big ole bone broth out of real bones then having to consume it. I'd do it for my family if they needed it but it's just not me. Lucky the gelatine worked. I'm hopping I won't have to take it for much longer. 

I'd post a lot more of my raw meals but you know what? There boring!! I have to same mega zentime salad every afternoon then another massive salad with the lot for dinner with my fish, heaps of avocado (like 1 large or 11/2 med per salad)... an addiction I love! I've had the recipe for my Zentime salad in my drafts for about 2 years, maybe I should post it soon. I need to plate it up nicely because it doesn't look real pretty when it done. 

These little beauties are my breakfast, each one contains a fairly substantial amount of nutrition and calories. I have 2-6 each morning then I'll usually just roll salad in nori for lunch. I'm a night time eater! Always have been, Always will be! Blew my brother away a few years ago when we holidayed in Europe, his comment "Now that I've seen how much you eat I couldn't eat that much" and he's a well built big guy!.. lucky for me it's all good!

 My Little Beauties


Blender to freshly grind seeds
Silicone chocolate molds


I don't measure but it's roughly equal portions of everything and enough coconut oil to wet the mix.

Approx 1/3 cup each
Hemp seeds
Chia seeds 

Grind these fresh as you will keep these in the fridge or freezer which will keep the volitile oils from going  rancid. (mine get hidden in the freezer so I don't eat them all at once!)

Add the ground seeds to a bowl then add - about 2 large tablespoons each

Green powders such as
  • Chlorella
  • Barley Grass
  • Wheat Grass
  • Alfalfa Grass
  • Marine Plant Minerals

or a combination powder - refer to Notes below.
Protein power
Maqui berrie powder - antixidants
Raw cacao - magnesium

  1. My favourite green powders are Synergy Super Greens or Greens Superfoods they contain a mix of the above powders which makes it easy. There are a lot around now and they are not hard to get at good health or wholefoods shops. 
  2. I usually use a raw protein powder, my favourite is  pea protein powder, some question if it really is raw but it's really not that important to me. If raw is  important then go for a sprouted brown rice one, there are a few around now. This time I used Ezyhealths Silk Superfood blend, as well as sprouted, bio-fermented, raw organic whole grain brown rice protein it also has 25 organic and mostly fermented (for enhanced absorption and digestion) superfoods. Bonus is the berry flavour makes it taste great. 
  3. Don't feel that you have to have all of these ingredients, use what you have and what works for you. Think about your needs and make sure you add those. Such as the Maca for hormones, Green powders for nutrition and detoxification, chlorella is said to draw heavy metals for your system etc. 

 And this my friends is my preworkout hit!
Iced Chai Tea and as many cocosupps as I can get in without making me sick during my workout! :-) 
It's a gorgeous day, I hope I get time to get outside, I have a lot to get done in my office, getting ready for my big launch next week.. pretty excited, anxious and all that jazz... Enjoy! 

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  1. These are adorable! And packed with nutrients, wow!! I loved reading about what you eat and why. It's encouraging to hear how diets change and how in-tune we are with what our bodies need. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Yes, I bet you've also found that the more you clean out your system the more accurate your intuition is as to what works best and what doesn't. I'm sure people think I'm crazy when they see what I eat and wonder if I even enjoy it. If only they new! I Love it.... I'm not they type to do something I don't enjoy. :-)



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