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Fish Burgers - Quick, easy and super healthy

 Burgers! Just about everybody loves a good burger! Here is my latest adaptation of my long haul of slowly cleaning up and healthifying our Sunday night tradition. Weekends are pretty standard in our house so if your coming over on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night it's highly likely you will get Burrito's on Friday, Pizza on Saturday and Fish Burgers on Sunday. That's just how it is and it's been like that for so long I can't even remember. Well over 10 years. I've posted a few of our Pizza variations such as this wheat free, yeast free and this Spelt Pizza base or Rice Crusted Pizza  but I've never done the Burrito's. I'll work on that one and share with you my special Grain free wraps! Their delish, full of nutrition and really filling.

The burgers started out in Darwin as the Jumbo Patties from Leonards then it progressed to marinated chicken thighs which were pretty good as now I had them off the additives that they put in the patties. Somehow then it changed to fish fillets. Originally I pan fried them but I later changed it to grilling them in the oven with a sprinkle of seasoning without any fillers or additives and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt if there was none in the seasoning or herb mix. Fish has been the standard for about 3-4 years now and I really like it as it's another way of cutting out a four legged meat dish. I don't eat anything with legs so it sort of brings a little bit of joy to my heart when I can eliminate it from their diets. And to be honest I really think they appreciate it.

As you can see as far as burgers go there pretty healthy anyway and lately everyone (except Mr fussy teenager!) has been having it on grain free bread which has super healthified it in my eyes!  A couple of weeks ago I got to thinking that maybe they would like a burger that was more like the original meat burgers that are so popular. You know the whole burger patty with ground meat, herbs, spices etc. etc. I had a few pieces of fish in the fridge so I grabbed my little food processor and threw these together. They were a hit! This is now my new go to recipe for burgers which I do at least once a week although I must admit that in the holidays I have been throwing them together for a quick lunch as well. There result is almost chicken like patties, it's pretty amazing and there is nothing in it to bind it together, the natural gelatin from the fish does it for you. Win Win! Here's the quick and simple recipe. I use white fish, usually Hoki from New Zealand that I get from Aldi. I find it's a really versatile fish that's nice and tender, grilled with the skin on is super special as the little bit of healthy fat under skin gives it great flavour and texture.

 Fish Burgers

Makes: 3


2-3 pieces (approx 300g) of white fish with skin (scaled)
1/3 medium onion
1 clove fresh garlic
1 cm chunk of ginger
1-2 tbs Tamari
1-2 tbs Mirin (use the spiral brand as it is the purest and doesn't contain sugar)
1 tbs or a splash of Fish sauce
1/2 to 1 tsp natural Vegeta stock powder (optional)


Bread or bun of your choice - here I've used my Grain free bread
3 free range eggs
Cashew cream cheese
Mixed lettuce greens
Dijon mustard - optional


Add onion, garlic and ginger to a food processor and blend until fine then add the remaining ingredients  and blend again until it becomes a fairly smooth mush! Shape into 3 burger patties with your hands then pan fry in coconut oil on a medium heat for about 2-3 minute on both sides or until cooked through.

Raw Patties 

Transfer them to a plate while you cook the eggs if using. Spread the bread with the cashew cream cheese and Dijon mustard if using then layer up with the remaining ingredients. Serve up while hot and enjoy.


  1. This should work with any white fish. I've always used fish with the skin on but it should be ok if you only have skinned fish
  2. Tamari is a wheat free sauce similar to Soy Sauce and is available in the health food section of most supermarkets
  3. You can get Mirin in supermarkets but make sure you read the ingredients. The cheaper ones in the Asian aisle often contain additives and sugar. Look for the Spiral brand in the Health food aisle or get it from your local health food or Wholefoods supermarket. 
  4. Also keep an eye on the brand of fish sauce you buy, some contain all sort of ingredients. Plain old Squid is the one I use, yes it has sugar in it but I haven't been able to find one without. You only need very small amounts so I figure sometimes you've just got to let go of it.! 
  5. You can make the patties ahead of time, they keep well in the fridge short term or for longer freeze them. I've done both with great results. 

 Super quick, super easy and super healthy.. Enjoy!

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