Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tassie trip and food finds including Black Garlic!

I'm back! Forgot to tell you guys I was going away. Hubby and I just had our first holiday by ourselves ever! and we've been together for 22 years. We went to Tasmania. Flew down on the Friday night so that we could go to the Salamanca markets in the morning. It's a beautiful spot at Battery Point in Hobart adjacent to the harbour but I was a bit disappointed with the content of them. I thought that it was a real foodie mecca but it was more of an arts and crafts type thing. There were some amazing buskers though and I was stocked to find the Gourmet Farmers shop "Bruny Island Cheese Co" tucked under the stairs in one of the little historical lanes.

The permanent shops there are great. Salamanca fresh was our local as was an amazing deli Craig found just around the corner called Wursthaus Kitchen which has an extensive range of local and imported products including fresh baked savoury items such as quiche and pies and my highlight foodie moment of the trip! BLACK GARLIC! which is made in Tassie. If you haven't tried this you must! It's fermented for 30 days which transforms it into a soft, sweet, non garlicky delight. I chopped it over my salads.. They recommend spreading it on crackers or crispbreads but I don't eat either. I could have just eaten them straight, but at $8 a bulb I stopped myself.

 After a little bit of research Craig found that there where some farmers markets on the next morning, that being a Sunday which was good timing for us as we needed fresh food that was local. We hadn't come all this way to shop at Woollies! There where 2 that we planned to visit the first was a local one it Hobart called Farm Gate Market in Melville St. This has to be one of the best markets I've ever been too. There was a DJ playing great low key but uplifting music, tables and chairs to enjoy some of the fresh stalls that made .. Oops I can't remember but there were a lot of people sitting down enjoying it. I was too focused on the fresh fruit and veg stalls, authentic homemade sourdoughs, local ciders, flowers and wait for it.. Possum Confit!! Yes they eat possum down there in Tassie. Their a pest so they have a scheme to keep them under control, instead of wasting them all they are using the meat and fur.We listened to the guy with no intention of buying any but Craig decided he was such a nice guy he bought one. Not cheap but at least he knew I wouldn't want any. I don't tend to eat anything that has legs! ever! Yeah, I cook it for my family but it's not my thing.

I then raided the veggie stalls.. loaded up on fresh squash, zucchini, carrots, beetroot, greens, heirloom tomatoes and Tassie Apples while Craig wondered. He found some gorgeous local raw creamed honey so we got one of those as well.

 Local Raw Creamed Honey
How pretty does it look?
 Local squash
 More yummies
 and more beautiful colourful veggies, I love purple carrots. 

Next market was a little one about 20 minutes out of Hobart that was all about Living ethically and environmentally. Wasn't what we expected so we sort of rushed through it and headed back to Hobart. Found a supermarket to get the rest of the items we needed and headed back to our Apartment. Just in time for an afternoon snack.. As you do! :-)

Verdict on the Possum Confit! - Good but I don't think I need to buy it again.

I did my thing and put together one of my massive daily salads and added the chopped Black Garlic - Verdict - OMG Heaven!

Tomorrow I am going to do a post on how I travel, what I take and how I prepare my salads no matter where I am, including the recipe for one of my favourites. We don't eat out when we travel even though we always promise ourselves that we will, we just prefer to make our own. It's also a great way to find new things and venture out to where the locals shop. Eating out just seems to keep you in the touristy locations and we like more than that from our adventures. (really though, not many of them make anything I'd eat, Yep, I'm that fussy! and lucky I have a partner that prefers what I make him)

Has anyone else been to Tassie? and if you have what delights did you discover?

The vibrant flowers at Farm Gate Markets

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