Saturday, June 7, 2014

Carob Fudge Balls

I'm sure to get over my carob craze soon! I've bought carob before, years ago. It sat in my pantry for about 2 years then I threw it out. It was one of those ones you buy at the supermarket or health food shop and I'm sure it's been cooked or some type of processing has happened because it was nothing like the carob I can get now. This raw carob is totally amazing. Here's another quick recipe I threw together one morning while the kettle boiled. The combination of the nut and seed plus two types of fruit for extra sweetness works really well to give it a nice rounded taste and let the carob shine. The trick is to get them to the fudgy stage, this takes perseverance and a good strong blender. The Lacuma lends a tiny hint of caramel if you've got it use it, if not they'll still be great. 

Raw Carob Fudgeballs


½ cup Pepitas (Pumpkin seed kernels)
½ cup almonds
½ cup carob bites
½ cup pitted dates
½ cup sultanas
4 tbs raw carob powder
2 tsp Lacuma


Add nuts, seeds and carob bites a blender and blend until fine. Add the remaining ingredients and continue to blend on high using the tamper to help it turn over or stopping and redistributing the mix making sure that you remove it from under the blades to prevent overloading the motor. Alternately you can do the whole lot in a food processor in the same order. Keep going until it forms a ball and turn fudgy. Shape into balls and store in a container. Enjoy! J

These are the Carob Bites from Raw Pleasure, as you can see they are the raw carob pod that has been broken up and the hard seeds removed. They're quite firm and crunchy but also sweet and chewy. You just have to try them.. 

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