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Strawberry Carob Tarts

 Strawberries are in season at the moment. Australian strawberries are at there prime from May to October as they are a winter fruit meaning they are in abundance and the prices are great. We are getting them for $2 a punnet. To be honest I'm not really a fan of them which is surprising because I generally love anything that's a fruit or vegetable. Lucky for my family though because I'm not really good at sharing my favorite fruits so I'd probably hoard them somewhere and they'd get none! It's something I'm working on and I must admit, I think I'm getting better.

We ended up with 2 fresh punnets in the fridge and no one here to eat them so that inspired me to make something special with them for when he gets back. (hubby that is) I know strawberries are a marriage made in heaven when teamed with chocolate but I was determined to make them Cacao free so I could give one to my bestie Jen as well. Some people don't handle the stimulating effects of it so well and she is one of those. Plus the raw carob I have here at the moment is drop dead amazing and I didn't want to diminish it's uniqueness by overpowering it with cacao.

Best thing about these tarts is that they don't take long to make at all, there's no soaking, all ingredients are mainly pantry staples.. (well, they are for me) so all you need is a good blender, some tart moulds and half an hour! Yum! dessert, snacks or breakfast is ready. Yep, these are healthy enough that you could grab one for breaky. How good is that!

The base is nice and chewy and the filling has a delightful subtle tang that is super smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness to compliment the carob flavored base. I blended the base until it was quite smooth but you can leave some texture in the nuts which I've done before and it's works really well. I don't know which I like better actually, the little bits of crunchiness are really good so it's up to you how far you take it. Stop before it gets fudgy if you prefer a bit of this.

 Strawberry Carob Tarts

Makes: 8 x 6 cm tarts



½ cup sprouted almonds
½ cup sprouted and dehydrated walnuts
½ cup pitted dried dates
½ cup sultanas or raisins
½ cup dried coconut
2 tbs carob powder
2 tbs carob nibs
½ tsp vanilla powder


½ cup raw cashews
½ cup pitted dried dates
1 punnet fresh strawberries – cleaned and hulled
3 tbs agave, honey or maple syrup – optional if needed
½ tsp vanilla powder

To serve:

Extra dried coconut
Raw chocolate paste shavings or extra carob powder if you want them cacao free. 
Fresh strawberries



Add all ingredients to a high speed blender. Start slowly and gradually increase the speed until all of the ingredients are fine then turn to Max and blend until smooth and sticky. Press into 8 x 6cm tart shells a put aside while you prepare the filling.


Add all ingredients, except the liquid sweetener to the same blender, you don’t have to clean it just make sure it’s been emptied properly. Blend the strawberry mixture until super smooth and creamy on high. Taste test to make sure it is sweet enough, if not then you can add then liquid sweetener now, blend it through thoroughly then pour the mixture into the tart shells making sure that you fill enough so that it look abundant but doesn't overflow. If you want them to be decorative then put the mix into a piping bag placed in a cup and refrigerate until firm enough to hold its shape when you pipe it into the bases.
Place in the fridge or freezer to cool and set. Press out of the moulds before serving and sprinkle with dried coconut and chocolate shavings if you wish. Enjoy! 

  1. If you don't have the tart mould then you could press the base into a cheesecake pan or a cling film lined deep sided dish and fill it like you would a cheesecake. The cling film helps you to remove it once it's finished. It's up to you if you want to use it or if you just want to cut and serve from the dish it should be fine just pressed straight in. Make sure to grease it with some coconut oil first though just in case it sticks. 
  2. The reason for not soaking the cashews is because once it is left to sit for a while they will soak up the moisture from the strawberries and therefor help it to set.  

I had some extra filling so I pressed pitted dates into a mould for a quick base and filled it. If your a real sweet tooth, you'd love this option. That's the big one in the middle with the strawberry fan on the filling. 

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