Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cornflake Cookies

It's been a hectic couple of weeks as you can see from my lack of posts. First off, hubby got home on the Thursday, that afternoon he got an email about relocation that needed to be done for a camper company. It had to be taken from Cairns to Brisbane asap. Before I knew it we were on a plane and on our way to Cairns for an adventure. Far out! You should have seen it. It was rough. There was no central locking, we had to check the oil, it was empty so we had to fuel it up, they said we get chairs and 2 sleeping bags! NOT! We got 2 pillow cases and sheet! The gas ran out in the little gas cooker and you couldn't shut the windows when we were on the highway because the wind blew them in so they wouldn't go all the way up leaving a big noisy gap.. Hahahahaaa. It was hilarious. Well it was funny once we got over the initial shock.

So off we headed, fueled it up and began to see the funny side of it all. Went to the Cairns farmers markets (these have to be one of the best markets around for beautiful tropical fruit and veg, it was heaven!) and stocked up on good fresh food. Lots of fruit and veggies and headed to Townsville to surprise my hubby's best mate who's been hassling us to come and see his new business. Yep, he got a surprise when we turned up. Lucky for us we were able to stay in his house that night, not that we expected it we were actually looking forward to bunking down in the camper but it did make it an easy first night.

We didn't realise how far we had to travel and how long it was going to take so the next day ended up being a full day of travel. We didn't stop until 10pm that night in free parking on the side of the road with about 20 other free loaders. Was pretty cool actually as it even had a toilet. Lucky we'd bought a cheap doona  at one of our stops because man it was cold! We stopped on the side of the road just before dark to make some dinner and set up our bed so we were all organised to just climb in the back and sleep. It's not bad sleeping fully clothed, especially when it's cold and your doona is just about see through! We were up bright and early boiled the billy for a cuppa and headed off.. We did get one cuppa out of the gas camper!

Roadside selfie! 

We thought we'd reach Sunshine Coast before midday.. Well that didn't happen. About 2.30-3.00 we finally got to Mooloolaba where we got the last campsite in the caravan park right on the beach. Win!! Walking distance to the main drag, it was a beautiful end to our adventurous weekend. Even thought it was all bogon and rough we had a fantastic time and would do it again in a heartbeat I think.

 I went to make a batch of my Anzac Biscuits only to find that I'd run out of quinoa flakes, I didn't even have any oats! So, as you do I scoured through my pantry and found a small box of cornflakes.. I nicked them from a retreat we went to last month. I was going to make some honey crackles for Jstar as a treat but never got around to it. They were the perfect size, I cup, just what I needed so I subbed them for the quinoa. They've come out really good so I thought I'd share the recipe and idea with you.

 Cornflakes Cookies

Makes: Heaps!

Use the recipe for my Anzac biscuits and substitute 1 cup cornflakes for the quinoa flakes. I used the recipe No 2 as it doesn't blend up the cornflakes.


You can get gluten free cornflakes if you need them to be gluten free. Brands in Australia include Coles Simply Gluten Free, Norganic and Freedom food. I'm sure Woolworths would have one as well.


This is why I love Cairns Markets.. :-) 

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