Saturday, September 27, 2014

Goji filled Chocolate Fudge Sushi

I wanted to make something special for a my really special friend and her beautiful girls who were up here visiting for a little holiday last week. It ended up being a really great week for connecting with treasured friends that I don't have much contact with but when we talk it's like old times, no pressure that we don't communicate all the time but we are always there for each other. She's been my closest friend since I was 11 years old and went to boarding school in Sydney all the way from sunny ole Darwin town.. to call it a culture shock would be an understatement. I cried every morning and night for the first term and settled down to about 4-5 times a week for the second. There were only 6 of us in grade 6 and we were the youngest boarders. A few personality clashes with one girl who'd been there in year 5 had us all in the deepest of despair as she chose us all out one by one. We finally worked it out and our revenge was not pretty. Needless to say things improved 10 fold and i'd say that if we all caught up it would be just like old times. That's what living 24/7 does to you I suppose.

So I was pretty focused on doing something that would be a bit special but not too out of the ordinary as they are country folk so I thought maybe most of my stuff would be pretty new to them. I wanted to get it right. So I started with a mix that I had no idea what I was going to do with and added some goji thinking it could be the little touch to give it a wow factor and what is that? But when I tasted it I had a blah, that's boring moment, Na, not special enough. So I gazed into my pantry for more inspiration. I wasn't going to do chocolate as I was a bit concerned that the raw cacao may not stand up to the cadbury's that they may have been used to but somehow I changed my mind and went about doing up a fudgy choc mix, I was going to do something different but all of a sudden I had a sweet sushi moment! That was it, out came the rolling pin and a few teflex sheets and this was the result. All up it took me about 15 minutes and if you know me that's ma kind a thing. Short and sweet! just like these!

Goji filled Chocolate Fudge Sushi

Goji filling:
1 cup active almonds
1 cup pitted dates
1 cup dried coconut
1 cup goji berries

Chocolate Fudge
1 cup mixed nuts and seeds (almonds, pepitas, sunflower and walnuts)
1 cup pitted dates
½ cup sultanas
¾ cup dried coconut
1 ½ tbs raw cacao
½ tsp vanilla powder and ground cinnamon


Goji Filling:
Add goji filling ingredients to a high speed blender or food processor and blend until smooth and fudge then remove and roll out to ½ cm or ¼ inch on parchment paper or a teflex sheet into a large rectangle then put aside while you prepare the chocolate fudge.

Chocolate Fudge
Add all ingredients to same blender and blend until smooth and fudgy then roll out to the same as the goji filling following the instructions above. 

Gently turn the goji layer onto the chocolate fudge layer making sure that you get it in the center with a little bit of chocolate overhang top and bottom as when it lands there's no way you are going to be able to move it.. it sticks there! Cut a straight line about 2 cm from the bottom and top edge of the goji mix so that you can cut a straight edge of the chocolate mix 2cm above and below the goji. This give a small overhang of chocolate at both the top and bottom so that it can be tucked in and finished nicely.
Next, grab the bottom edge of the teflex or parchment paper and begin to roll from the bottom as tight as you can like you are rolling sushi then roll the paper around the log making sure the it is all cylindrical then place in the fridge to get firm for cutting. Cut with a damp knife in a sawing motion so as not to flatted the dics while cutting. I cut mine about 1cm thick which is a good size for these. They store really well in the fridge and last indefinitely. 

Verdict!! they loved them so I packed up a container with goodies for their road trip! Perfect, I love doing things like that for my friends and family. 
What about you, what your motivation for getting into the kitchen and creating tasty treat? 

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  1. Hey Karen, I have tried making it last weekend and my friends enjoyed Goji filled Chocolate Fudge Sushi very much. It was soft and, I don't have words to describe how tasty it was. Goji Berry have been my friends favorite. They have dozens of Goji Berry Juice bottles at their homes. No doubt, they were bound to like the dish. Thank you for sharing.



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