Thursday, November 13, 2014

Apricot Protein Cookies - Raw vegan and Paleo fitness treat

I was considering heading down to the beach first thing yesterday morning but it was overcast and drizzling and a little bit cooler that it had been so I decided to create a nice little healthy treat for my man when he gets home next week.

I bought some beautiful organic dried apricots a few weeks ago, another staple I like to have in my pantry. I was also feeling a bit creative so I came up with these little cookies. They don't take long, all up they took me 20-25 minutes. That included firming up the cookies in the freezer. I think they are a perfect replacement for all the so called Healthy Protein Bars out there on the market. OMG, have you ever read the ingredients list of those things! It's ridiculous the amount of rubbish they put in them. What's wrong with good simple nutritious food straight from nature. These are made with whole ingredients not derivatives and chemically created so called additives and enhancers that are supposed to be healthy and recognised by the body and digestive system as something that will nourish, repair and create energy. Sorry guys, I'm just a wholefood type of girl that believes every wholefood includes everything it needs to be digested, assimilated and used by our body. Pretty simple really, simple food, simply nourishing and most importantly of all, simply delicious. 

 Apricot Protein Cookies
Makes: about 6



1 cup almonds meal
1 cup dried coconut
½ cup dried organic apricots
1 tbs honey, agave or maple syrup for vegan
Pinch vanilla powder or paste


1 cup dried organic apricots
1 scoop pea protein powder or similar
1 tbs honey, agave or maple syrup for vegan



Add all of the cookie ingredients except the sweetener to a high speed blender or food processor and blend until fine then add the honey and blend until it starts to form a ball. Turn onto a board or teflex sheet and knead until you have a nice thick dough that can be rolled out to about ½ cm thickness then press out 10 cookies and put them on a plate and freeze while you make the filling. You will want them to be firm as the filling is also quite firm and you want the cookies to retain their shape when you put the filling it and have to press them together

Add all ingredients to the same blender or food processor and blend until it forms a smooth thick dough. This is a very thick mix so be careful with your appliance, make sure you turn it to maximum speed as this is the best way to avoid overheating the motor. Do this as quickly as you can so that you don’t have to work it too hard.


Take the dough out of the machine and shape into 5 balls about 2 ½ cm in diameter. You may have some left over. You can just roll it into small balls and eat as is. Place a ball on one of the firm cookies then place another cookie on top of the ball then gently press them together until the filling reaches the edge of the cookies. Repeat with the remaining cookies and filling.   

I made these cute little parcels for him. I think this is a great way to package them without plastics and add to lunch boxes, gym bags and handbags for when your out having a cuppa with friends and your fussy about you put in your mouth! ;-)


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