Monday, November 10, 2014

Yumbo Balls! Carrot and Cardamon

Just in case your wondering how I'm going here home alone. Getting a taste of what it's like to be able to think  of me and just me and focus on my dreams and passions and still have enough time to relax, reflect, exercise (which is fun) clean the house and it stays clean (which creates a beautiful environment to live in) laze around on the rug with my little buddies (that's Roxi my dog and Coolie our cat), watch girly movies, take long walks along the beach and just generally switch off when I want to... Well.. mmmm.. IT'S FREAKIN AWESOME! Bit scary  how quickly I've adjusted to this. 
I'm getting really excited about next year now. Heading off into the sunset, following our dreams and passions, quality time with my man and time out to myself when and if he wants to go to work. Years of hard work and planning have culminated in realising this dream, now we just have to follow it through. Stop talking about it, get out of our comfort zone and just do it. It will be fine, it will be an adventure and it will lead us to something amazing, I just know it. 

What made it easier has also been the constant contact we have with each other. We use facebook messager where we have a group message that we constantly chat with. All five of us, no matter where we are can communicate and send photos so we always know how everyone is going. We've used it for a long time as we are spread all over the country, my husband was in the Pilbara (central WA) he's now in the outback of Queensland when at work, daughter in Brisbane, oldest son anywhere in the world lately (from England, Europe, North Africa and now USA) and me, here at home usually with the youngest who will move off next year to attend uni. We don't talk constantly but at times when something comes up or we have nothing much to do we can have some great conversion with it. Such a good way to keep in contact. 

Here's a quick little recipe for you. If your not a fan of cardamom and nutmeg that don't use them or err on the less is best side. They can both be very overpowering so take note. As for cinnamon, go for ya life!! that stuff in the bomb and so good for you. It will help regulate insulin from the sugars in the fruit, double bonus. These take about 5 minutes to make from go to whoa! 

Carrot Cardamon Balls

Makes 10


1 carrot - peel if not organic
Handful each of 
Sultanas or raisins
Sunflower seeds
Organic dried apricots
Goji berries
1/2 cup dried coconut
1/2 -1 tbs ground cinnamon
Pinch nutmeg and cardamom


Add all ingredients to a blender. Start at a low speed to chop all ingredients until about the same size then increase speed, using the tamper to help it distribute. Blend until it starts to stick together. Shape into balls the roll in more dried coconut. 

Chill time with my Roxi-Ann!

Time for me to go and do my workout!
Enjoy your week, the weather is amazing and life is great. :-)

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