Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fig, Strawberry and Pasionfruit Spark Pre-Workout Stars

With Christmas just around the corner why not turn our healthy pre-workout snacks into festive treats. They say we eat with our eyes and these look really cute done up as these little stars. I don't see why we need to compromise our health, happiness and hard work just because it's Christmas. There seems to be this notion that Christmas is all about adding a few kilo's and thats ok. So many people hit the gym and diet to get ready for the onslaught!! What's with that? There are so many healthy alternatives that taste just as good, if not better meaning there's really no excuse for it. Sounds harsh to some but I personally love how healthy food makes me feel so there's no chance of me consuming foods that take away my vitality, energy and sense of contentment and merriment as the case will be. :-)

I've made these up to be a proper pre workout snack, they are relatively low in fat except for the coconut which contain medium chain triglycerides which have been shown to enhance energy and performance add to that high GI carbs for quick release energy plus the energy boosting goodness from my friends at Protein Supplies Australias Spark Strawberry and Passionfruit all natural pre workout powder. They way I see it these are a perfect snack for Christmas, we all need a little boost of natural energy at that time of year and what better way to get it. 
 Fig, Strawberry and Passionfruit Spark Pre-Workout Stars

Makes: a lot!!


½ cup rolled oats
½ cup pitted dates
½ cup de stemmed dried figs
½ cup dried coconut

  1. Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor and blend until fine and sticky.
  2. Roll the mixture out to about 1 cm in thickness between 2 large sheets of non stick baking paper.
  3. Using star shaped cookie cutters press out stars. By using different sizes you can create the double star affect by placing one of top of the other then decorate with a small ball.
  4. Alternatively shape then into bars or balls.

 I love the idea of doing up lots of different sizes. The small balls and stars are great for those that have never had this type of treat before making them the perfect taste tester as well as helping with portion control.


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