Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mango Strawberry and Acai Protein Crunch and Fudge Balls

I know, I'm on a roll. All this time to myself and a cupboard full of great ingredients for making treats that will last until the main man gets back next week. Here's the other ball I made whilst I was experimenting with Protein Balls a few days ago. I have a really good collection of Protein Powders. This one uses a whey protein isolate which creates a slightly different texture to concentrate. I've also used a few different ingredients in this one but it still has mango in it which has helped to create a beautiful chewy and fudgy texture.

A quick note about the products I recommend for my recipes. It's not essential that you use the exact same ones and by all means improvise with what you have at home. I can't always ensure that you results will be exactly the same if you use a different type of protein as they all then to react a little bit different to each other. I can say though though if you use the same type, as in pea, whey or sprouted rice then you should get a great result. For some it's a great way to use up those protein powders you've all bought but just never seems to use. You know who you are and there definitely are a lot of pantries out there with at least on container that's not getting used. 

Mango Strawberry and Acai Protein Crunch and Fudge Balls

Makes: about 10 depending on size and how much you consume whilst blending :-) 


1 medium ripe mango
½ cup oatmeal (ground rolled oats)
½ cup natural almond meal or plain almonds
1 tbs  ground chia
1 tsp L-Glutamine - optional
¾ cup soft, pitted dates
Coconut for rolling – about 1/2 cup
Walnuts, pecans or almonds to fill. – about 1 cup

  1. Add the oatmeal, almonds meal or almonds, protein powder, chia and L-Glutamine if using to a food processor and blend to distribute the ingredients, especially the chia.
  2. Add the dates and mango flesh then blend until it becomes a smooth sticky and almost elastic mixture.
  3. Remove the blade if your food processor is a smaller one or alternatively spoon into a bowl then refrigerate for 2-3 hours to cool and become firm.
  4. With damp hands flatten out a tablespoon for 2 into a flat disc then place a walnut in the centre.
  5. Shape into a ball then roll in coconut.


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